Here are a some nice words from those I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

“Jeremy is a gifted Designer with a unique talent to meet a client’s expectations from the very first draft. He is able to manage high profile, sensitive clients that others would shy away from. I feel privileged to have had him as part of my teams, and I hope that we can work again together in the future. I would highly recommend Jeremy.”

Seth Seigel-Laddy
Vice President, Scholastic Media at Scholastic

“Jeremy Howell and I collaborated on several custom website projects, he as designer and me as content writer. Working with Jeremy is always a revelation. We both listen to the client. But somehow, Jeremy magically extracts something more from the conversation that sparks his imagination and results every time in a website design uniquely suited to that client. His designs are consistently elegant, well-balanced, and easy on the eyes while incorporating cutting edge usability elements. Form does follow function in Jeremy’s work, but still somehow results in lovely website designs reminding one of art. The bottom line is that if I could select any designer for my own website, I would pick Jeremy. Period.”

Christie Huntenburg
Team Lead eMarketing, LexisNexis, Martindale-Hubbell

“Jeremy Howell is an excellent designer with a solid work ethic and proven performance in any environment. When it comes to storyboarding and creative concepting, his insight improves the overall quality of the work. I rate him an A+.”

Bhavika Desai
Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional

“An outstanding mentor, Jeremy has proven time and again how dedicated he is to his career as a senior web designer. He continues to produce excellent designs for all of his clients, using his craft in one of the most efficient and effective ways I have ever seen. I wouldn’t have grown much as a designer without Jeremy’s guidance and intuitive thought process. It has been an honor to learn from him during my year working under LexisNexis.”

Lily Ann Monte-mayor
Web Designer at Virgin Mobile USA

“Jeremy provides quality designs while adding significant value to projects. He is especially skilled at capturing the essence of a client’s message and developing it to far exceed expectations. Jeremy continues to produce exceptional results while adhering to quick turnaround times. His attention to detail, responsiveness and varied creativity continues to keep clients pleased.”

Michelle Minetto
National Manager, Corporate Citizenship at KPMG US